Waipuka whenua update

Waipuka whenua update

On Friday the 21 st of May 2021, Nic spent some time with Hayden on the Waipuka whenua to check the work done so far. Several additional culverts have been put in place to facilitate and mitigate any risks associated with creek crossings during the planting season.

Cows are in the retired area for the last time, grazing the grass down which will make the planting work easier. As you can see on the photos, the blackberry is well and truly dead which is great. Controlling this weed will have to be ongoing moving forward but at least we are offering our trees a good start.Hayden and Nic checked all the internal tracks that will be used by our planters. They are all safe and in good condition. Goats will be mustered in the not too distant future.

The project is steadily progressing step by step. Che O’Day and Ruben Levi from NZ Fencer Ltd are working on Adele Mohi whanau’s block. A lot of fencing material is already laid out ready for fencing this week. It should take between 2 to 3 weeks to complete this last project.

A big thank you to all our contractors who have played a key role in each steps of the project. The quality of the work done is excellent and we will keep it that way until the end.

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